February reflections: On new directions

I’ve had a quiet start to 2020. This isn’t all bad though as it’s given me space to think about new directions.

Reflecting on my editing business, I want to make some changes.

I want to be able to offer indie writers more creative support. This is why I created a few different developmental editing packages for writers working at different levels. For example, while some writers know that they want a full edit with a revision letter, other writers might benefit more from a straight revision letter (a report of the strengths and weaknesses of their manuscript with advice on how they might approach their next draft). Still others might not be ready with a full draft yet but would benefit from some initial feedback on their outline and/or opening chapters. Others might not even be ready for this level of feedback and might simply want help brainstorming and shaping their ideas into the kernel of a story. Whatever type of assistance that’s needed, I want to be able to offer it.

This brings me to my next point. Indie authors don’t just need developmental editors, they also need line editors, copy-editors and proofreaders. While I sometimes already do line editing for tone and voice, I’m not trained in copy-editing or proofreading, so I don’t offer these services. But I would like to be able to offer writers something more.

I’m currently exploring the possibility of doing a proofreading course with the Publishing Training Centre in spring. Should I decide to take the course, I hope to be able to offer a proofreading service in the future. The course takes one year and would equip me with the basic skills needed to begin work as a proofreader. It would also provide me with a widely recognised industry qualification (all courses run by the Publishing Training Centre are assessed by their Publishing Qualifications Board).

So, until next time, watch this space!


Published by kendraolson

Kendra Olson is a developmental editor and proofreader. She is also the author of the historical novel The Forest King’s Daughter, which is published by Pilrig Press as an ebook.

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