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Book cover design

Maria Spada

Book formatting

Helen Edwards

Self-publishing support

Helen Edwards

Publishing/Book marketing services

My ePublish Book

Writing classes

Bespoke one-to-one online writing courses with Anne Hamilton, a highly skilled private tutor who is also a writer and editor:

Bespoke in-person writing workshops and events for writers of all ages and abilities, in Lockerbie, Scotland, run by the talented Kerrie McKinnel:

Online writing classes that teach writers how to sensitively and convincingly write characters who are very different from them:

Advice for writers

On craft

Advice on writing effective scenes:

What info-dumping is and why you should avoid it:

Showing and telling:

On tense:

Tools for writing more effective dialogue:

Authenticity reading, often known as sensitivity reading, what it is and why you might need it:

Point of view (POV)

What head-hopping is and how you can stay in POV:

What deep POV is and how to achieve it: 

A great explanation of narrative distance:

For plot-driven novels

Strengths and challenges of plot-driven fiction:

For mystery writers

Five things every mystery novel needs:

For memoir writers

Why forgiveness is an important part of memoir writing, why, and what this actually means in practice:

On language

Why gender neutral language is important:

How sexist language hurts men:

Article from the Conscious Language newsletter about trans terminology:

Motivation and keeping going

An inspirational website and podcast from self-confessed worried writer Sarah Painter:

Hacks to get you writing when you don’t feel like it:

Publishing and marketing

Excellent advice on writing, publishing and marketing your book from creative entrepreneur Joanna Penn:

Advice on all aspects of publishing, from fellow writer and editor Belinda Pollard:

Organisations for writers

For self-publishing writers located anywhere in the world:

For traditional, self-published and emerging writers based in Britain:

Are you ready to start discussing your project’s editing requirements? If so, please email me at: I look forward to hearing from you!

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