Helpful links

Services for writers

Writing classes

Excellent, supportive online writing courses for writers of all skill levels:

Bespoke one-to-one online writing courses with Anne Hamilton, a highly skilled private tutor who is also a writer and editor:

British proofreaders

Marie Campbell – Proofreader:

Book Layout & Ebook Design

L.J. McLean-Layout Designer and fellow developmental editor:

Publishing / Book Marketing Services

For authors seeking to self-publish who’d like guidance and support:

Advice for writers

On Craft


What head-hopping is and how you can stay in POV:

What is deep POV is and how to achieve it: 

A great explanation of narrative distance:

Publishing and Marketing

Advice on all aspects of publishing, from fellow writer and editor Belinda Pollard:

In-depth advice on getting your book noticed, from successful indie author Molly Greene:



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