Is self-publishing faster and easier than traditional publishing?

Image by Pixabay: (I chose this image as I think it represents all the myriad decisions an author has to make regarding their work.) I recently corresponded with a newer author who was looking to self-publish her book-length memoir. The reason? She believed it would be faster and easier to get her book into … Continue reading Is self-publishing faster and easier than traditional publishing?

Editorial summer school

Yellow rose. Credit: Kendra Olson It’s been a long, hot summer here in London. With Coronavirus cases still too high for me to feel safe going out much or travelling, I decided to spend my summer focusing on building my editorial skills. Over the last couple of months, I attended several educational webcasts run by … Continue reading Editorial summer school

Editorial musings: The value (cost?) of editing

Editing can be expensive. I know, I’m both an editor and an author who has been edited. If you’re an independent self-publisher then, ideally, your book will go through a developmental edit as well as a line edit, copy-edit and a proofread (or some combination thereof). Furthermore, each of these stages could include more than … Continue reading Editorial musings: The value (cost?) of editing

On Fear

When I started this blog, I intended to post more regularly than I actually have. I would like to say that life got in the way, and that would be true, but I think I also got in my own way. As this blog is part of my editing business, it felt like everything I … Continue reading On Fear

Happy Halloween!

Image by Pexel at Pixabay. Have you written a mystery/suspense, dark fantasy or ghost story? If you have and you’re in need of developmental editing, then you could be in luck. To celebrate Halloween, I’m offering a limited discount on my editing services for writers of mysteries/suspense, dark fantasy and ghost stories, or any story … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Kerrie McKinnel’s article on writing short stories

Lockerbie based writer and workshop tutor Kerrie McKinnel recently published an article on short story writing with top tips from published and established writers. I'm pleased to say I was one of the contributors. If you'd like to read the article, here's the link: