Editorial musings: The value (cost?) of editing

Editing can be expensive. I know, I’m both an editor and an author who has been edited. If you’re an independent self-publisher then, ideally, your book will go through a developmental edit as well as a line edit, copy-edit and a proofread (or some combination thereof). Furthermore, each of these stages could include more than … Continue reading Editorial musings: The value (cost?) of editing

The writing and editing process for self-publishers

I often receive queries from newer writers who are unsure of how to go about the writing process, or of how editing works. At what stage in the writing process should a writer seek out an editor? What does the editor actually do? What kind of editing do they need and what does that mean? … Continue reading The writing and editing process for self-publishers

May reflections: On the coronavirus and coping

Back in February, I promised it wouldn’t be quite so long between blog posts. Then, the coronavirus (CoVID-19) happened and everything veered off track. While some people suddenly found they had much more time on their hands, this wasn’t my experience.The week of 9th March was the week before I was due to travel to … Continue reading May reflections: On the coronavirus and coping

February reflections: On new directions

I’ve had a quiet start to 2020. This isn’t all bad though as it’s given me space to think about new directions. Reflecting on my editing business, I want to make some changes. I want to be able to offer indie writers more creative support. This is why I created a few different developmental editing … Continue reading February reflections: On new directions

Happy Halloween!

Image by Pexel at Pixabay. Have you written a mystery/suspense, dark fantasy or ghost story? If you have and you’re in need of developmental editing, then you could be in luck. To celebrate Halloween, I’m offering a limited discount on my editing services for writers of mysteries/suspense, dark fantasy and ghost stories, or any story … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

From Writer to Editor–my journey

Today I'm over on WriteRightEditing.co.uk talking about my experience of being edited and how (and why) I chose to become an editor. You can read the post here: http://www.writerightediting.co.uk/blog/from-writer-to-editor-kendra-olson.html