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If you’re ready to start discussing your project’s editing requirements then please email me: .

To help me to better understand your project and possible editing needs, I’d appreciate if you’d include your responses to the following questions in your email:

  1. What is your story about? If you have a blurb or story synopsis then it would be helpful if you were to attach this to your email.
  2. Is the story part of a series? If so, where does it sit?
  3. Are you seeking to self-publish or do you plan to approach literary agents (or small publishers) with the work?
  4. What are your expectations for the edit? Are there issues you’ve encountered when writing or any areas you’re having trouble with?
  5. Is this the first book you have written? If so, do you have any prior writing experience? Don’t worry if the answer is “no” as we all have to start somewhere!
  6. Have you worked with an editor before?
  7. At what stage is the manuscript at? Developmental editing is best done when an author has reached the point where they’re no longer able to do anything more with the story on their own.

Thanks so much!