Published projects

Below is a selection of book-length projects I have worked on as a developmental editor.

The Last Witch Queen by Allison Carr Waechter

Book cover for The Dragon Flute, Daughters of Fire and Sea Book Two, by Holly Karlsson. Fantasy image of two women. One woman has long red hair and a green dress. She plays the flute with a fiery wind behind her. The other woman has dark hair and a blue dress. She faces an ornate bridge and water rises up in front of her.

Book cover for Daughters of Fire and Sea, Book One, by Holly Karlsson. Fantasy image of two women looking forward against a dark sky. Woman on left wears a fur-lined coat and plaited hair. Woman on right wears a tiara and evening gown. Behind them is a circle of fire and ice. In front of them, ships sail forth: one blue and the other red and fiery.

Book cover for A Sleuth and a Charlatan by Clare Sager. Silhouette of a person wearing a coat and long boots against a purple stone tunnel in darkness. Light glitters at the top right of the image. Title in gold cursive over the person's image.

Book cover for A Thief and a Gentlewoman by Clare Sager. Silhouette of a person wearing a coat and long boots and holding a dagger in their right hand. Background image of a grand mosque bathed in blue shadow with gold sparkling at bottom right. Text is in gold cursive over image of person.

Book cover for Mudlark, A Counterfeit Contessa Story, by Clare Sager. Ornate dagger pointing downward set against dark blue tiled background. Title in gold over blade of dagger.

Book cover for Planting Pearls, Selkie Moon Mystery Series, by Virginia King. Woman walks along a bridge over water, surrounded by palms, towards a creepy looking house. Background is dark and full of shadows. Title in yellow capital letters above central image, partly covered by palm fronds.


Book cover for Leaving Birds, A Folktale Companion to Laying Ghosts, by Virginia King. Raven-like bird huddles on a bare branch against a dark, stormy sky. Title in white letters at top of central image.

Book cover for The Third Note, Selkie Moon Series, by Virginia King. In foreground: woman with short black hair holds a four leaf clover and looks down at it. In background: ruins of ancient fortress, set against a reddening sky and mossy green grass.

Laying Ghosts

Book cover for short travel memoir Blue Ice, White Powder: A Ski Adventure Up Mont Blanc by Jack Moscrop. Image of three skiers with full pack and kit on snow. Snowy mountain peaks in background set against a clear, blue sky. Title in white at top of image.

Book cover for Let the Dead Rest, A Green Mountain Suspense, by J.P. Choquette. Image of creepy doll with blond hair and old-fashioned dress but without arms or eyes. Doll sits on dark stairs. Title in yellow at top of image.

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