Editorial Services

Full Developmental Edit

This service is for writers who have reached the stage where they’re no longer able to do anything more with the story on their own.

A full developmental edit is a professional critique of your entire manuscript that includes in-line edits (using “Track Changes” and the comments feature of MS Word) and a detailed revision letter.

Developmental editing–also known as big-picture editing–evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of how a story is crafted. Developmental editing takes into consideration your unique voice and writing style and works within it. I will not rewrite the work, but make specific suggestions as to how you can strengthen all aspects of the story to reflect what you’re trying to say in the most compelling way.

For more information on developmental editing, see: About Developmental Editing.

Please note that this is not a proofreading or copy-editing service.

Critique / Reader’s Report

For writers who aren’t ready for a full edit but need guidance for their revision.

A critique (sometimes referred to as a “Reader’s Report”) is a professional review of your full manuscript that results in a detailed revision letter. The revision letter will focus on overall developmental concerns and provide advice on how to strengthen any weak areas of your manuscript.

Please note that this service does not include in-text comments / line edits.

Opening Chapter Review: Setting Up Your Story

For writers who are still drafting their story or are not yet ready for editing but need advice about how to move forward.

This is a review of your opening 3-5 chapters and your outline or synopsis. It includes a 3-5 page revision letter giving advice on set-up, story direction and general structure.

Please note that this option does not include in-text comments / line edits.

Should you later decide to book a Critique or Full Developmental Edit then the cost of this service can be deducted from the final cost of editing.

Are you ready to start discussing your project’s editing requirements? If so then please get in touch with me at: kendraroseolson@gmail.com .