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Developmental Editing

A professional critique of the writing and story. Developmental Editing involves two ‘passes’ or read-throughs. The first read-through is done quickly, to get a feeling for the story’s pace, tone and whether or not it would engage a reader. The second pass is much slower and involves making detailed notes on the manuscript itself, using the comments feature of MS Word. Where possible, specific suggestions are made as to how the work can be strengthened.

At the end a detailed critique is prepared, including notes on the story, premise, character development, setting, use of dialogue and narrative voice. Strengths and weaknesses are summarised and practical advice is given as to how any problems might be remedied.

Please see my Developmental Editing page for more information.

Reader’s Report Manuscript Critique 

A single, quick-read pass to get a feeling for whether or not the story would engage a reader. The manuscript appraisal is an initial read-through which includes broad comments on structure, plot, characterisation etc. These comments are in the form of an editorial / revision letter.

This is an excellent budget option.