Hi, I’m Kendra and I help independent novelists publish their best work by providing them with professional feedback on their stories.

My experience of working with Kendra Olson on my 10,000 word story Laying Ghosts, the prequel to my mystery series, has been a rewarding one. I’ve worked with other editors over many years and Kendra has a rare mix of qualities necessary for effective structural/development editing: positive support, attention to detail, truthfulness, and the ability to identify the layers below the surface of the work. And as a writer herself, she brings other dimensions to the process: her proposals not only make sense but are easy to implement, and her suggestions for changes to the text reflect the style of the work. Not many editors can do this. In the case of Laying Ghosts and its role as a prequel, she also took the trouble to check the first chapter of the novel that follows, uncovering several “continuity errors” between the two – had these slipped through they would have been confusing for the reader and embarrassing to the author. I appreciated her thoroughness, and the process of correcting them added extra depth to the story. After my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Kendra’s services.

 —Virginia King, author of the Selkie Moon Mysteries

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